Sometimes "helpful" advice can do more harm than good.
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Have you told friends and family that you're trying to have a baby? If so, you may discover that some of your loved ones are (to put it nicely) jumping the gun -- whether it's your mother-in-law shopping for baby clothes, or your best friend sending you lists of popular names.

If you don't "hit the jackpot" in a month or two, these helpful people may start to offer advice. They mean well, but that doesn't make their comments any easier to take, especially if you're feeling a bit anxious yourself. The best way to deal with these remarks is to shut them down firmly but kindly: "When we have something to announce, I'll let you know. Meanwhile, let's talk about something else."

Just to show you that you're not alone, we've compiled some of the most popular (and thoughtless) remarks heard by readers -- all of whom ultimately conceived, although in many cases, not soon enough for parents and friends.

1. "It will happen quicker if you relax and stop worrying."

2. "You DO know it takes sex to make a baby, right?"

3. "If you want kids, take mine! Then they can drive you crazy."

4. "I'll lend you my husband -- he just looked at me and I got pregnant."

5. "Aren't you pregnant yet?"

6. "You must be doing it wrong."

7. "You're trying too hard."

8. "Maybe it wasn't meant to be."

9. "You can always adopt."

10. "Did I tell you I'm pregnant?"

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