Outrageous Places Real Couples Got Pregnant

For these real moms, baby-making sex was anything but boring. Learn how they got creative to spice things up.

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Romantic Movie

couple at the movies

In the front row of a movie theater. Tricia C., Rogers, Arkansas

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Bedroom Bliss

Kim Cornelison

My husband's aunt's bedroom!

Elizabeth S., Burnsville, North Carolina

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Tile of Love

Bob Stefko

On the patio.

Shondreka L., Grand Rapids, Michigan

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It's Natural!

Richard Felber

In the woods on his parent's property.

Tabitha D., Flagstaff, Arizona

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Take it Outside

shade shack beach tent

In a tent.

Raelee C., Arcata, California

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Rockin' the Boat


On a boat cruising from Alaska to Canada. We had to keep warm somehow!

Kacy W., DeRidder, Louisiana

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Drive Me Crazy

Bob Stefko

My mother's garage.

Tiffany H., Tacoma, Washington

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Stairway to Heaven

Laura Moss

On the stairs.

Shannon G., Cleveland, Ohio

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Prey to Desire

winter hat
Michael Kraus

On a hunting trip. We didn't see any action, so we decided to make our own! Cassandra K., Owosso, Michigan

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Love Boat

boat in driveway

On a boat parked in our driveway.

Marissa R., San Antonio, Texas

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Love Shack

Erica George Dines

In a pool shed.

Jessi T., Bourbon, Indiana

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