Prenatal Yoga: Seated Forward Bend

Upavistha Konasana, as this pose is also called, helps stretch your hamstrings, open your pelvis, and relieve lower back pain.
Leggings by Ingrid & Isabel
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-For the third trimester, we are going to focus on seated forward bend called Upavistha Konasana. Extend your legs into a wide V, pretty generous but don't over do it, moderate distance. Bring your palms out in front of you, and if you find it very rounded and collapsed, bring your palms back behind you so you can focus on having a wide open chest. So, whatever is more comfortable for you at this point. So, we're opening the hips and we're stretching the hamstring here to relieve any lower back tension and to open the pelvis. Let your head tip down slightly and as the hamstring begin to stretch, you can walk your palms a little more forward. Make sure the breath is relaxed and easy. Oftentimes, your breath will tell you if you're overdoing it or not and hold this pose anywhere from 5 to 10 reps. Forward bends are also very coming and quitting for the mind and nervous system, relax your face and then walk your palms back in towards you. Bring your hands behind your knees so you don't strain your hips or your knees and then bring your legs back to cross and take your palms together at the heart, bow your head down in gratitude to yourself for coming to practice yoga. Namaste.

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