Prenatal Yoga: Seated Ankle-to-Knee Pose

Agnistambhasana, in a seated ankle-to-knee variation, is an effective way to relieve hip pain caused by hormonal changes, as well as weight gain. Leggings by Ingrid & Isabel Tank by Destination Maternity


-For the third trimester, we're going to practice the pose called Agni Stambasana or ankle-to-knee to open up the hips. Bring your palms back behind you. Depending on how your belly is, you may need to bring your knees a little more forward. Take your write ankle unto to the left knee and due to hormones in effect in woman's body, you don't wanna force to stretch and help the chest up. Run your right knee away from you as with your chest up. We'll take one more rep together, calm and relax and set your right foot down and we'll switch sides pressing your left knee away from you, anyhow, let your chest up, hold here, and breathe for a few best opening up the hips. One more breathe together. And you will come up to sit in seated cross legged feet and bring your palms out in front of you and lock them slowly forward, locks your feet and just feel the outer hips opening as we just did in the last pose and feel free to walk a little more forward and press your hips down and I'm gonna walk the palms back and switch the crossing of your legs. Switch [unk] cross legged seat and a forward bend. Be nice and easy with this pose. Don't force that, very gentle with opening stretch and take one breathe [unk] then lock your palms back and then close your eyes and notice how you feel.

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