Prenatal Yoga: Extended Triangle Pose

Utthita Trikonasana, another active pose, can open your groin and hamstring muscles, which will help support your lower back and prepare your hips for labor. This pose is also a great way to improve your balance as your body changes and your center of gravity shifts. Leggings by Ingrid & Isabel Tank by Destination Maternity


So now we're gonna do a standing pose that's really good for the second trimester to rebuild strength in your legs. Take your hands to your hips and widen your feet, extend your arms out. Turn your right toes to point forward and the left toes turn slightly in. Inhale, reach your right arm forward and your right hip back and take your hand to this shin, just below the knee. It doesn't have to be very far down at all, just below the knee. Try not to round forward but rather lift your chest open to the ceiling. Look down at the floor if you need help with balance or feel free to come up against the wall to support you even more. And so we're opening the hamstrings to relieve any lower back tension and we're also opening the hips to relieve any hip pain common in pregnancy. One more back together. Press down into the feet, inhale and come all the way up, and take your hands to your hips. Turn your left toes to point forward, right toes in, the same thing on the other side. Reach your arms up by your shoulders, reach your left hand forward in the left, take back if the side might feel totally different that's okay, it's normal. Reach your right arm up. Again, either looking down or looking up to the ceiling or coming against the wall. Opening your hamstrings and your groin and improving balance. Breathe here to calm the mind, inhale to come up to stand, bring your hands to your hips, and go ahead and just heal to your feet together. Then come up to stand. Bring your palms together and bow your head down.

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