Prenatal Yoga: Dog and Cat Poses

Pregnancy hormones can cause emotional ups and downs, and these two poses performed in sequence are a wonderful way to meditate and reduce stress. You'll also get a nice stretch for your neck, arms, and lower back. You may feel gentle nudges as your baby moves with you. Leggings by Ingrid & Isabel Tank by Destination Maternity


-So, now, for the second trimester, we gonna practice a couple of pauses to alleviate any back pain. So, come onto your hands and knees with the shoulders right above the rest and the hips right above the knees. This is called cat cuddle. So, as you inhale, arc shorter back really lengthen to the front of your body and as you exhale, point your toes pass down into the floor with your feet and your palms around to your spine and keep moving here inhaling, arching, and then exhale rounding. This can alleviate any tension in your back or your neck and your shoulders. And also since pregnancy can be a stressful time with your hormones changing all the time, the can be very meditative and repetitive. Why not just do it one more time inhale to lengthen, exhale 2 rounds. And when it comes to a neutral spine and lastly we're just circle the hips around in a big circle alleviating any hip pain or lower back pain and it makes it feel your baby gently moving with you and then just circle one more time the other way and then you can come up onto your hands and knees to rest and notice how you feel.

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