Easy Ab Workout For Pregnant Moms

Leah Keller, creator of The Dia Method, shows you some simple moves that can prevent abdominal separation during pregnancy. Always check with your doctor before starting a new routine.


[MUSIC] Hi. I'm Leah Keller. And I've developed an exercise system that medical researchers have proven works to reverse post-pregnancy pooch. These same exercises will protect your abdominal muscles during pregnancy to equip you for a faster, easier labor, to help you avoid back. Back pain and to feel your best during pregnancy. I'll show you a few of the exercises from the prenatal series that you can do at home. For a wall push up you wanna approach the wall standing very close, place your hands on the wall, about boob height or a little bit lower. And then take one big step back. You're gonna pull your whole body into a nice straight line, as straight as that pregnant body will go. Take a nice, big breath, and then exhale as you lower your body and push back. Good. Throughout that whole movement, I'm hugging my baby to my spine. Again, big breath. Exhale all the way down and up. For a plie, you want to step your feet wide apart and your toes pointed at a diagonal. Then you're gonna take a breath as you lower the body straight down like a plumb line. Exhale belly back as you come up. Now [INAUDIBLE] and pulse. Belly back, belly back, belly back. Have that baby with each little pulse. Belly back, belly back, belly back. This a great exercise to help relieve any pain or tension you might feel in your lower back. You're gonna get on all fours. [MUSIC] And then exhale belly back as you tuck just the low abdominal muscles, kind of, lengthening the low back, contracting the lower abs. [SOUND] Notice the upper back stays flat. [SOUND] Take a nice big belly breath. Exhale, belly back. Good work. For more information about this revolutionary fitness system, visit thediamethod.com.

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