Causes of Infertility

Infertility can be caused by one or both of the partners. Learn why infertility happens, and what the most common causes are in women and men.

10 Best Fertility Centers

In the first-ever investigation of its kind, find out which of the nation's centers offer the greatest chance of success.

Blocked Fallopian Tubes

Dr. Elizabeth Pryor answers the question, Can blocked fallopian tubes be treated successfully?

Coping with the Stress of Infertility

Why infertility is stressful, and what you can do about it.

What to Know About Infertility in Your 20s, 30s, and 40s

Trying to get pregnant but having difficulty? You're not alone, no matter what age you are. Although it's no secret that pregnancy risks do increase as you age, there is still good news for moms looking to conceive. Get the details about infertility at every decade, including the risks to you and your baby, and ways to boost your fertility.

Factors That Affect Fertility

Heredity, environment, and lifestyle can all play a part when it comes to infertility.

7 Myths About Infertility

What's the truth, and what are just old wives' tales?

Dealing With Infertility When He Has the Issue

Semen analysis and sperm counts aren't the most enticing topics of conversation for most men, but if you're having trouble conceiving, you may need to have "the talk" with your guy.

Health 101: Infertility in Women

If you've been struggling to get pregnant, you've probably got lots of questions. Here, find out what causes infertility, how to reduce your risk, when to see a doctor, potential infertility treatments, and more.

Kim Kardashian Had Placenta Accreta: What Is That?

In a recent interview with C Magazine, Kim Kardashian reveals she had a pregnancy complication called placenta accreta during her first pregnancy.

Secondary Infertility Facts

Even if you've successfully conceived before, you might have fertility issues later in life.

Why Infertility Happens: Common Causes of Infertility

If you're wondering why infertility happens, know that you're not alone. Here are some of the common causes of infertility in women and men.

Health 101: Infertility in Men

If you've been struggling to get pregnant, you've probably got lots of questions. Here, find out what causes infertility in men, how your partner can reduce his risk of infertility, when to see a doctor for infertility, how your partner may be treated for infertility, and more.

Smoking & Secondhand Smoke Linked to Infertility & Early Menopause

According to a new study, smoking and exposure to secondhand smoke is linked to infertility in women as well as early menopause.

Common Conditions of Infertility

From endometriosis to premature menopause, here are 8 health problems that might be preventing you from conceiving. Find out what they are, what causes them, and how to treat them.

Azoospermia: What to Know About This Cause of Male Infertility

Still not pregnant? For some couples, azoospermia, or a lack of sperm in the ejaculate, may stand in the way of conception.

The Surprising Thing That May Lower Your Chance of IVF Success

A new study shows that depression and anxiety may be associated with a reduced chance of pregnancy after IVF.

Another Surprising Way Postpartum Depression Affects Moms

A new study finds another reason PPD is a serious matter for new moms.

Could Your Ethnicity Affect Your Chances of Conceiving via IVF?

New research looks at how a woman's ethnicity plays a role in determining her chances of having a baby via IVF.

Celebrity Infertility and You

Infertility is anything but glamorous -- but we'd love to see our favorite stars be more open about it.


At what point should you try in vitro fertilization?

Genetic Pattern in Womb Linked to IVF Failure

Fertility experts have identified a specific genetic pattern that could predict the success or failure of in vitro fertilization.

Angie and Bubba Watson Share Struggle With Infertility and Their Adoption Process

"It's just a scary process. It's emotional."

Science Says Western Men's Sperm Count Is Declining: What You Can Do

Could your partner's sperm count be the reason you aren't getting pregnant? Find out how you can increase the odds of a pregnancy.

4 Things You Need to Know About PCOS

Doctors are calling it an epidemic, and there's still so much we have to learn about what leads to a PCOS diagnosis.