Dealing With Infertility

If you're struggling with fertility issues, you're not alone. Learn about what causes infertility in women and men, and find out about common fertility treatments.

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I'm Pregnant But My Friend Isn't: 6 Ways to Navigate this Difficult Situation

It's not easy when one friend gets pregnant while the other is having trouble. But you can celebrate your pregnancy while being sensitive to your friend's infertility challenges. Here's how.

This Dad Is On a 50-Mile Mission to Destigmatize Male Infertility and Help Other Parents Conceive

Brian Mazza and wife Chloe Melas-Mazza have been open about their difficult journey to parenthood through IVF. That’s why the fitness entrepreneur is now running to raise money for other hopeful parents’ fertility treatments.

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My Fertility Treatment Ended My Closest Friendship

My best friend and I were going through fertility treatment at the same time. I thought it would bring us closer. But she feared I would get pregnant before her and that destroyed our longtime friendship for good.