Prenatal genetic testing for Down Syndrome and other conditions has become standard practice. Learn more about genetic testing and genetic disorders and discover how genetics determine your baby's gender.

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Why I Decided to Do Genetic Screening Before Trying to Get Pregnant

I'll admit I was nervous to spit into a DNA kit's vial to see if I'm a genetic carrier for any conditions. But I knew it was a necessary step before having kids with my husband.

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Genetic testing of newborns is on the rise, but it's not without controversy. Here's what parents need to know before they order a test.

Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis: Should You Get PGD?

With preimplantation genetic diagnosis, parents can screen embryos for genetic abnormalities before undergoing IVF. Here’s everything you need to know about PGD.

Triploidy Syndrome in Pregnancy

Learn more about this rare chromosomal abnormality, which usually results in early miscarriage.

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This 10-Year-Old Boy Needs Three Organ Transplants—and You Can Help

Noah was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis at five months old. Now, at age 10, he needs a new liver and lungs. His family have reached out to the public for help.