How to Make Gender-Reveal Cupcakes

Gender reveal parties are becoming popular across the country. Instead simply sharing the news of your baby's sex, folks invite their friends for a fun surprise. These cupcakes are one way to announce "It's a Girl!" or "It's a Boy!"


One of the latest trends sweeping the nation is hosting a gender reveal party. Instead of just spreading the news about your baby's sex, folks gather all their friends together for a big surprise. One way to share the news is to creat these gender-reveal cupcakes, it look like a classic cupcake on the outside but the middle is filled with either pink or blue frosting. Start with classic unfrosted cupcakes. Use a small paring knife to cut an upside-down cone from the center of the cupcake. It's okay if this isn't in a perfect circle, you're going to cover it after frosting anyway. Next, take your tinted frosting and fill the hole you just created; blue for a boy, pink for a girl. I find it easiest to do this with a pastry bag or a plastic baggy with the tip cut off. Trim the point from the cone you remove, you can eat that piece, then set the piece back on top of the hole and press down slightly. Now, cover your handy work with a thick layer frosting. You wanna use a gender neutral color for this party. Top if off with a playful question mark and serve. Don't forget to let the guest know the surprise is inside.

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