Trying to Conceive: 5 Little Signs You're Ovulating

Dr. Obosa Osawe lists five signals that you are ovulating and ready to get pregnant.


If you're having your period, you're likely ovulating during that cycle but just because you have a period does not necessarily mean that you have ovulated during that cycle. I am Dr. Obosa Osawe. Here are five little clues that you're ovulating during your cycle. A painful period is actually a good sign that you're ovulating. Of course we're not talking about something abnormally painful that sends you to the emergency room but some cramping is a sign that your ovary has actually released an egg. Breast tenderness a week or so prior to your period is also another sign of ovulation. Some women experience bloating, increase in their appetite when they are ovulating. Other women also report distinct mood changes. Well, not exactly pleasant, these five signals could mean that you are in prime shape for pregnancy.

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