Trying to Conceive: 5 Common Fertility Mistakes

Follow Dr. Obosa Osawe's advice, and avoid making these five common mistakes when trying to get pregnant.


Many couples have trouble getting pregnant even after a year of trying. I am Dr. Obosa Osawe. Here are five common fertility mistakes to avoid. Don't restrict your positions during sex. There is a myth that certain positions are more likely to result in conception but if you're ovulating and your partner's sperm is normal, the chance of getting pregnant is the same whether youre on top, he is on top, or whatever it is that you're into. Don't ignore your man's health. Women often feel responsible for infertility but it's not just the women's problem. Something may be hindering your guy's sperm production and motility. His doctor can do a sperm analysis to make sure that his sperm is normal and that it can also swim normally toward the egg. If you're trying to get pregnant and you're having trouble, don't have sex multiple times a day. It actually decreases the sperm count and certainly hurts your chances of getting pregnant. Definitely, don't douche. These changes the pH of the vagina and it can create an opportunity for infection. It's important to maintain the vagina's normal pH so that it is ready for the sperm when it does come along. Finally, don't stress. Worrying about getting pregnant takes the fun out of baby making. Some studies show that when you are very stressed, your chance of getting pregnant is actually lower so stop stressing, relax and get to it.

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