Pregnancy After 35

Find out how your age affects pregnancy -- and what you can do to ensure that both you and your developing baby are safe and healthy.

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PSA: It's Totally Fine to Have Babies After 35, Science Backs It Up

Singer Carrie Underwood recently stated that at 35, she may have missed her chance to have a big family, and then announced her pregnancy. One mom who had her daughter in her forties sounds off on why it was a great choice.

What Is a Geriatric Pregnancy?

Traditionally, a geriatric pregnancy is one that occurs anytime a woman is over the age of 35. But is this classification a thing of the past?

Dad's Age Might Be Linked to His Kids' Social Development

A new study has revealed that the age of a man when he has a baby may have an effect on his child's social development later in life.

Wondering if You Can Wait to Have a Baby? Now There's a Simple Test

This simple blood test may hold answers to the biggest question on many women's minds: Is it too late for me to have a baby?

6 Benefits of Having a Child Later in Life

Research has turned up some surprising benefits of being an older mom for both you and your baby. Here are a few perks of parenting later in life.

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8 Things NOT to Say to an 'Older' Mom Who's TTC

Moms 35 and older who are trying to conceive are sick of hearing these comments.

How to Have a Healthy Pregnancy After 35

Any pregnant woman having a baby over 35 is considered of "advanced maternal age," meaning her pregnancy is considered high risk for complications. Here's what to expect and how to ensure a healthy pregnancy if you're conceiving later in life.