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If you're thinking of getting pregnant - or already trying to conceive - you're in the right place. Here you'll learn about ovulation and fertility, the role of genetics in pregnancy, and the importance of healthy living pre-pregnancy. We also get into questions of infertility, and how age affects pregnancy.

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The Struggle for Fertility Preservation for Those With Cancer
Getting a cancer diagnosis is daunting enough, but dealing with fertility on top of that is often too much to bear. Here's what experts want hopeful parents to know.
What the IVF Process is Really Like
A mom who went through IVF explains what the journey was like from start to finish and offers advice to other hopeful parents.
Beauty Maven Dulce Candy on Her Fertility Journey: 'After 9 Years of Trying, I Decided to Give IVF a Shot'
After almost a decade of trying to conceive, I decided to give IVF a shot—and share my story with the world.
Early Menopause Made Me Want Kids For the First Time
I never wanted kids. But when my husband and I learned I was nearing menopause at age 33, we decided to freeze our embryos. Four years later, I'm pregnant with our first child and have really learned the meaning of "never say never."
How to Avoid Financial Risk When Buying Sperm
Artificial insemination costs are unfairly high for prospective LGBTQ+ (or hetero solo-by-choice) parents. That said, there are a few steps you can take to avoid financial risk when buying sperm.
Queer Parents Are Over-Charged for IVF-Here's How to Be Prepared
Queer people are already underpaid and experience greater unemployment rates than heterosexual individuals. The fact that insurance won't cover any fertility treatments for LGBTQ+ parents just makes family-planning even more difficult-and costly.

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14 Things to Know If You're Having Sex to Get Pregnant
Want to raise your odds of baby-making success? Here, we answer some common conception questions to help increase your chances of getting pregnant.

IVF is Cost-Prohibitive for Far Too Many Black & Brown Families-These Orgs Are Changing That

Birth rates are declining due to increased infertility-but most people who get access to IVF are white. To what extent is cost preventing Black and brown parents from seeking fertility treatment?