14 Creative Baby Names Perfect For Gen Z Parents

A new generation of parents calls for new baby names—here’s where to start.

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Growing up with social media at their fingertips, there is truly no generation as in tune with the trends as Gen Z (those born between 1997 – 2012). As many Gen Zers enter their mid-twenties, this innovative age group is making up the next generation of parents—and choosing the next generation of baby names

From TV show characters to beauty influencers and athletes, there are countless public figures grabbing Gen Z’s attention. With millions of followers, we wouldn't be surprised to see these icons’ names rise in popularity this year. Here are some Gen Z names that soon-to-be parents are bound to love based on today’s adored celebs. 

Baby Names for Gen Z Parents-to-Be


Made popular by The White Lotus’ charming-yet-goofy protagonist, “Albie” will likely surge in popularity among Gen Z parents this season. The moniker is simple, easy to say, and just adorable.    


Admiring the old and striving for the new, Gen Z is excited to experiment with new spellings and fun takes on the classics. Alix Earle, TikTok’s newest “it girl,” has captivated the hearts of millions with her relatability and classic “Get Ready With Me” videos. Her unique spelling of the common “Alex” is likely to make the name rise in the ranks this season. 

“The trend toward yooneek spellings that’s been building for half a century will break completely free of tradition,” says Nameberry CEO Pam Redmond. “There will be no wrong name spellings because there will be no right name spellings.” 


Redmond also predicts that Gen Z will gravitate toward unisex names this year, and “Billie,” associated with Gen Z musician Billie Eilish, is a perfect example. 

“As the generation that came of age with legalized gay marriage and widespread LGBTQ rights, Gen-Z prizes gender neutrality and fluidity,” Redmond said. “This plays out with the names they’ll pick for their children, which are more likely to be gender neutral or to mix conventionally gendered names in unconventionally gendered ways.”


Derived from a French word meaning “esteemed” and “loved,” Esme has a unique yet elegant ring to it. Using the name for her second daughter, fashion influencer Arielle Charnas has brought even more attention to the chic moniker. 


From Harry Styles to Prince Harry, this common name is definitely having its resurgence in 2023. After audiences tuned in to watch Harry and Meghan’s authentic love story on Netflix, the name continues to be associated with poise, charisma, and of course royalty. 


Inspired by famous football player Jalen Hurts, this modern moniker is linked to athleticism and strength. 


The name Jules is strong, just like Jules from the show Euphoria who is known for her bold attitude and unapologetic character. With an heir of confidence to it, this name has a unique flair fit for an independent child. 


The name of Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid’s first bundle of joy, Khai is a super unique, star-studded name perfect for any newborn. 


Popular since the 1900s, the name Leo has been on the rise for generations. Its current association with all-star soccer player and World Cup winner Lionel Messi, often referred to as “Leo,” gives the name an even more successful tone. 


With an established fanbase on TikTok, it’s likely that beauty influencer Monet McMichael’s social media presence will bring the name Monet into the spotlight.


Known for his comforting folk-infused pop songs, artist Noah Kahan has gained major recognition the past few months. Already a popular name, Kahan’s fame will likely add even more allure to this classic moniker. 


From her prominent role on the hit show Sex Lives of College Girls to her relatable music and engaging TikTok presence, Renee Rapp is certainly taking the media by storm. Given her growing platform, the name Renee will definitely be top of mind as Gen Z parents choose names for their own children. 


Gaining over 2 million TikTok followers in the past three years, Remi Bader has promoted positive change in the fashion industry when it comes to body inclusivity. Her “realistic clothing hauls” emanate confidence and humor, giving the name Remi a whole new meaning. 

Scout (And Violet!)

Single mom Maia Knight has become a TikTok favorite for Gen Z, loved for her humor and relatable parenting content. Plus, Violet and Scout, Knight’s adorable twins, have TikTok’s audience wrapped around their little fingers. With a spunky flare, the names Scout and Violet are bound to get traction this season.

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