Winter Getaway: Cancun

Cancun, Mexico offers sunny beaches for families, but don't miss the top five archeaological treasures.


For a family vacation that combines adventures on land and sea, consider Cancun, Mexico. After a day on the beach, explore the region's archaeological treasures. Here are 5 must-sees. Number 1: Chichen Itza, the center of the Mayan empire from roughly 750 to 1200 AD, with its famous temples, ancient ball court and amazing carvings. It's about 2 hours from Cancun, so you can rent a car, take a group tour, or hire a driver. Number 2: The Balankanche Caves, with their remarkable stone formations. The Mayans made ritual offerings here and they're displayed in the exact place they were found. Number 3: Swim in the Cenote, an underground pool surrounded by limestone formations. Light filters in through holes in the ceiling creating a magical glow. Number 4: Visit Valladolid, a 14th century Spanish colonial city known for its colorful architecture and authentic cuisine. And finally, check out Ek Balam, a city that thrived from 600 to 900 AD before the Mayans abandoned it. Visitors are welcome to climb the ruins and check out the jungle views. Getting hands-on with history made this our favorite stop on the trip. At the end of the day, relax and enjoy the sunset.

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