Hometown Babies: Park City

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Bryan McCay
Find out why Park City is a primo place to parent.
Courtesy of Tara Mifflin
Courtesy of Tara Mifflin

Meet the Tour Guides

"I love living in the mountains of Utah, where the summers are mild, the air is crisp and clean, and the people are kind," says Tara Mifflin, an executive assistant at Talisker Mountain, a private club and community. "I like to go running with Ella in the stroller, hiking trails together, or biking with her as my passenger."

The guides: Tara Mifflin, 27, with Ella, 9 months

Bryan McCay
Bryan McCay

Baby Boutique

Park City is small; in fact, there are more tourists than residents! Baby NeeNee is the one-and-only baby boutique. The owner, a mom of two, says Kaloo's cozy Moses basket is a favorite gift. ($120; BabyNeeNee.com)


In the swanky resort area of Deer Valley, a sleigh can transport families to dinner.

Date Night

"Old Town is where you find all the great date-night restaurants. Steak, Asian food -- so many options."

Bryan McCay
Bryan McCay

Local Style

A local mom handcrafts and sells her cute leather tot mocs decorated with Western boots, snowmen, or this ski-patrol motif. ($36; CadeAndCo.com)

Bryan McCay
Bryan McCay

Take a Hike

Park City babies join their parents on trails by riding in a frame carrier like this one. The FC 3.0 has a hood, changing pad, and sturdy kickstand. ($200; Kelty.com)

Originally published in the November 2011 issue of American Baby magazine.

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