Hometown Babies: Los Angeles

Find out why Los Angeles is a great place to parent.

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Meet the Tour Guides

Jason, Donnie and DJ Williams
Courtesy of Williams family

"I love raising my son where there are endless things to do and lots of diverse sights to see," says Donnie Williams, who lives near amusement parks and the beach. "The crowds are a total fashion show, so just going out for a walk is fun. And now that I have my child, I feel like everyone is even nicer to me."

The guides: Jason Williams, 32, and Donnie Williams, 24, with DJ, 12 months

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California Dreamin'

Manhattan Beach Pier
Courtesy of LA Inc.

Manhattan Beach Pier takes families out over the water.

"When I was pregnant, I did yoga on the beach. Now we take DJ and fit right in with all the other families out having fun."

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Splish, Splash!

SPLASH! water park
Courtesy of City of La Mirada

"Jason and I are practically half fish. We like to visit SPLASH! water park in La Mirada. I float around the lazy river with DJ and soak up the sun."

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Sunny Style

SPI Baby drawer pulls
Bryan McCay

Not quite as sunshiney in your zip code? Add these happy drawer pulls from L.A.'s SPI Baby to your tot's bureau. ($20 each; SPIBaby.com)

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Taco Time


"One problem is food -- there's too much to choose from! I trained my baby to eat a taco at Tito's Tacos in Culver City."

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Celeb Hotspot

Petit Tresor
Courtesy of Petit Tresor

Two local moms opened Petit Tr?sor in 2002. Celebs snap up silk-lined Moses baskets, regal-looking rockers, and other swanky stuff.

Angelenos know their gingham bear is a status symbol!

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Dressed to Impress

Baby Banz sunglasses
Bryan McCay

"Mr. DJ owns way too many sunglasses for a 1-year-old." ($17; BabyBanz.com)

Originally published in the February 2012 issue of American Baby magazine.

This piece was accurate at publication time, but all prices, offerings and availabilities are subject to change. Please contact each hotel and attraction for up-to-date rates and information before taking your trip.

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