Packing Up!

No-stress packing for family trips.


-Packing for a family can become a time-consuming nightmare; piles of close all around the suitcase, trying to keep track of who has what, who needs more clothes. And even worse, once you finally get to the hotel, does your suitcase look like this? Clothes everywhere, completely disorganized. Ours always did. Getting ready each morning on vacation used to be so stressful. Each day went something like this. -I can't find any socks. -Are those clean or dirty? -Can I wear these today? -What a headache. Believe me, the last thing I wanna do on a vacation is search for two matching socks or a pair of clean underwear. Now, before we go on a trip, I put individual outfits for each child in a ZipLoc bag. Each bag is complete with a matching outfit-- a shirt, shorts, two matching socks and a pair of clean underwear or a diaper. One gallon size works fine for small children. For each child, I simply make enough bags for each day that we'll be away, plus one or two extras. Then, when we're on vacation, all I need to do is pull out a ZioLoc bag of outfit for each kid and they're ready-- ***CUT DICTATION***

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