Walt Disney World's Animal Kingdom: What to See

Jessica Hartshorn, Parents entertainment editor, explains why she and her family love to explore Animal Kingdom in Walt Disney World. Part zoo and part theme park, this exciting vacation spot offers parades, rides, shows, and more.


[MUSIC]. Hi, I'm Jessica, the Entertainment Editor at Parents magazine. My family enjoys going to Disney's Animal Kingdom. It's part zoo and part theme park and its signature ride is an African safari. The guests get into a moving vehicle to see the lions, giraffes, elephants, hippos, and other wildlife that live on the property. Just outside of the ride are African crafts-people who make and sell souvenirs. Last time we went, my daughter, who was studying Africa in school, had a woodworker carve a turtle for her to take home. I love the Everest Rollercoaster which is totally worth the wait in line and my kids are partial to the dinosaur themed playground. The parades, the food and the shows are all amazing too. Everyone has a great time. [MUSIC]

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