Universal Studios: Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Katie, age 11, shares her favorite attractions at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park at Universal Studios, in Orlando, Florida. Ollivander's Wand Shop, Flight of the Hippogriff, and the Hogsmeade food all made her list.


My name's Katie and my mom works for Parents magazine. One of my favorite theme parks is Islands of Adventure at Universal Florida, because it has a suction that looks like it came right out of the Harry Potter films and books. It's called the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Hogsmead. I love everything about it. But, here are my three favorite things. First, Olivander's Wand Shop. It really is magical. A big group gathers in the shop, and I was lucky enough to get picked to participate in the experience. Mr. Olivander himself helped me recite some spells with a couple of different wands. But, it wasn't long before a wand chose me, just like how a wand found Harry when he went wand shopping in the Sorcerer's Stone. Second, Flight of the Hippogriff. Remember Buckbeak from the Prisoner of Azkaban? Well, this rollercoaster lets you imagine riding him. It's the perfect size and speed for kids. It's not scary, but remember to listen to Haggrid and bow before you take off. And third, seeing and eating all the foods from all the books and movies. I tried Butterbeer Yum, and had lunch at The Three Broomsticks restaurant, and spent souvenir money at Honeyduke's Candy Store. It was hard to make up my mind about what to buy. [UNKNOWN] beans, chocolate frogs, candy eyeballs, pumpkin juice. You can get them all. Ever since my wand chose me, I've wanted to wave it and have it send me back.

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