Disney's Magic Kingdom: Beyond the Rides

Disney's Magic Kingdom can be an awe-inspiring experience for kids of all ages. Michael Kress, executive editor of Parents.com, shares tips on how to enjoy the park without going on rides, from getting characters' autographs to watching the many parades and shows Disney World has to offer.


[MUSIC] My childhood memories of Disney World focus on the rides I loved so much. Visiting Magic Kingdom as an adult with my family, however, was a very different experience. We went on some rides, but they weren't the main event. Despite that, we weren't bored for a minute. Here are some Magic Kingdom highlights that don't involve rides. We spent hours searching for princesses and other characters. Some of which my kids had never even heard of. But for each one, they patiently stood in line, got an autograph, a photo and a hug. And if you're kids are really character obsessed, you can have meals with your favorite or get a princess make over. For kids old enough to stay out late, the night time electrical parade is awe inspiring. We got there early to stake out a prime curb side spot. The music and lights are just fantastic, and of course, just being out so late is a huge treat for the little ones. Finally, don't forget to leave time for your kids to just soak it all in. Seeing Cinderella's castle, experiencing the many performances and parades throughout the day and just people watching can be an amazing experience for kids. So find somewhere to sit and spend a few minutes just enjoying being together. And don't be surprised if that's more than enough to fill your day. [MUSIC]

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