Park-goers have been able to flaunt fashionable Minnie ears in a variety of cute colors, from rose gold to rainbow. Now, you can grab 'em in a must-have iridescent, shimmery new style.

By Maressa Brown
June 26, 2018
Disneyland Paris
Credit: Alliance/shutterstock

Whether you're taking a day trip to Disneyland or throwing your toddler a themed party, you may very well be on the hunt for adorable Minnie ears. After all, the cute accessory is a must-have for rocking any Disney-themed occasion. And long gone are the days of having to stick with the classic black, red, and white look. You can get 'em in rose gold, millennial pink, silver sequins... and now, an iridescent, sparkly unicorn-inspired look!

Disney Style refers to the new ears, available this summer, as "Lady Gaga-esque." On their blog, they note that the ears "feature a structured bow at the front that shines with shades of blue, pink, and purple as you move to different angles, and a soft pink velvet lining for comfort."

The iridescent Minnie ears will be available in select stores at Walt Disney World and Disneyland this summer. No doubt plenty of fans will be grabbing themselves a pair, if only for the endlessly cute Instas.