John Crist took to Facebook to share a video in which he sums up the experience of just about every parent during a day at Disney World. 

By Maressa Brown
August 02, 2018

A trip to Disney World can be a memorable, magical experience for families. But let's be honest. There are also moments that can be a complete headache or bring out a parent's sassiest remarks. That's exactly what comedian John Crist nailed in a recent video posted to his Facebook page with the caption, "Every parent at Disney..."

In the clip, Crist jokes about everything from pricey bedazzled mouse ears to Goofy-shaped chicken nuggets to spanking (which seems rather tongue-in-cheek, and hopefully he isn't advocating, as it's ill-advised).

All in all, the video is so relatable that it's gone crazy viral, wracking up over 200K shares.

Apparently, it's also pretty accurate, as one commenter wrote, "I work at Magic Kingdom and this couldn't be any more accurate of what I hear everyday!" Another said, "This is hilarious!! We were there this week and I agree completely with everything you said."

Crist actually isn't a father himself, but with this video, he clearly brought all the Disney-loving moms and dads out of the woodwork to bond over their common struggles! Next time they're stressing about planning a 12-hour day and missing out on meet-and-greets with Elsa, they'll know they are so not alone. 


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