Travel Safety

No matter where you're going, an ounce of prevention can mean more fun for everyone. Here's how to make your own first aid kit, what medications to pack, and health insurance know-how should you need a trip to the emergency room. Our smart planning ideas will get you there safely.

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How To Protect Your Transgender Child and Your Rights While Traveling
From bathrooms to airports, traveling can be stressful and dangerous when you are transgender. Here are ways to protect yourself and the children in your care while getting to your next destination.
This Is How the Omicron Variant Will Affect Holiday Travel Plans, According to Experts
The emergence of the new Omicron variant of COVID-19 has thrown uncertainty into holiday plans, but experts say not to cancel your vacation just yet. Here's how to travel safely with children this season.
American Families Can Travel to Europe Again—Here's How to Budget For It
Now that Americans can travel to Europe again, globetrotting families are itching to get back at it—and wondering just how much more expensive it's going to be in 2021. Here's what costs to plan for.
What It's Really Like to Bring Kids to Disney World During the Pandemic
Considering Disney World for Christmas 2020? Get a firsthand look at what it's like and how to stay safe when taking kids to the theme park during the pandemic—from moms who've done it.
How to Make Sure Your Kid is Safe When Traveling Alone
With more and more news stories about kids ending up on the wrong plane and, in some cases, the wrong country, it's easy for parents to wonder if letting their child on a plane alone is a good idea. But there are ways to ensure your kid's flight goes smoothly.
10 Tropical Vacation Spots You Didn't Know Are Zika Free
For families who love warm, beachy travel, there is no scarier word than Zika. Here are ten vacation destinations with very minimal risk of Zika transmission.

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