Packing Checklist for Tots

Little ones require big baggage. Here's everything you need to be prepared for your next trip.

Diaper Bag

diapers (1-3 for every three hours of traveling, depending on your child's age and habits)

baby wipes

diaper rash cream

changing pad

plastic bags (for storing dirty diapers, wet clothes, etc.)

burp cloths

baby blanket


nursing cover

formula/baby food

milk (if you're flying, just tell security you're carrying it and they will test it)

snacks (crackers, freeze-dried fruit, string cheese, etc.)


baby utensils

bottles/sippy cups

teething ring

    Carry-on Bag/Tote

    child's birth certificate (if he or she will be a lap child) or passport if traveling internationally

    boarding passes for whole family


    contact info for where you'll be staying, rental car, etc.

    a couple of small favorite toys and a couple of new toys


    extra outfit for baby

    extra shirt for you

    laptop or tablet computer or portable DVD player with favorite DVD

      To have handy in case you arrive late or your luggage is lost:

      board book

      white noise machine or CD/MP3 player and portable speakers

      crib sheets/ bedding

      swaddle blanket

      favorite blanket (if your child is old enough for one)



      diapers (5-12 per day, depending on your child's age and habits; though remember, you can always have diapers shipped to your destination or buy more there)

      nose aspirator


      digital thermometer

      children's nasal saline drops

      infant acetaminophen

      oral syringe

      oral teething gel

      prescription medications

      antibiotic ointment


        car seat

        lightweight stroller

        baby carrier/sling

        breathable blanket for shading stroller

        portable crib/playpen (maybe give a link to the crib article here?)

        portable clip-on highchair

        travel potty



          extra bottles/sippy cups

          baby bowls/containers

          extra bibs

          bottle caps

          bottle nipples

          baby bottle brush

          breast pump and accessories


            outfits (1-2 per day)

            dressy outfit

            socks (1 pair per day)

            pajamas (2-3 pairs)


            waterproof jacket with hood

            sun hat

            barrettes/ponytail holders


              universal sink/tub stopper (available at hardware stores)

              inflatable baby tub

              a couple of favorite bath toys

              baby shampoo/soap

              children's toothbrush

              children's toothpaste

              denture cleaning tablets (for cleaning baby bottles, teething rings, pacifiers, etc.)


              nail scissors



                baby monitor


                a couple of favorite board books

                black trash bags for covering the windows in case there are no

                blackout curtains

                painter's tape for taping up trash bags, covering sockets, etc.


                  two swimsuits

                  swim diapers

                  life vest

                  a couple of favorite beach toys

                    Cold Weather/Snow



                    snow boots

                    snow pants

                    warm hat

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