We will have to pick up our Cloak of Invisibility from the dry-cleaner because this is as real as it gets. 

By Lauren Pardee
January 26, 2018
Ingus Kruklitis/Shutterstock

Broomsticks and trains are a thing of the past; the most dedicated Harry Potter fanatics now have the opportunity to take a ship to multiple Harry Potter-inspired locations all thanks to Barge Lady Cruises. Fair weathered fans step aside, the Harry Potter Magic Cruise—which starts and ends in London—isn’t for everyone. An experience this authentic comes at quite a price, but think of it as the journey Dumbledore would have wanted for us.

Before you start grooming your wands and perfecting your spells, let’s go ahead and rip the Band-Aid off: The Harry Potter Magic Cruise which is set to sail down the River Thames on Aug. 5-11 and Aug. 19-25 costs about $34,000. (I’ll let that sink in for a moment.) If it’s any conciliation, that fee can be divided among eight guests at $4,190 per person. For that price, we think each guest should get a complimentary owl upon arrival.

Over the course of seven days, guests will be treated to an authentic Harry Potter experience including meals so on theme that they may as well be served in the Great Hall of Hogwarts, according to Travel and Leisure.

Voyagers will enjoy a Warner Bro.’s Harry Potter Studio Tour to see all the behind the scenes props from the coveted movies, venture to the Christ Church College in Oxford to experience the room that inspired the Great Hall at Hogwarts, travel to Picket Post Close to witness the location of 4 Privet Drive, and finally stop at Virginia Water where Harry met Buckbeak the hippogriff.

Sure, you can’t put a price on fulfilled dreams—plus you will have bragging rights for the rest of your life. But we'll be putting back Butterbeers to numb the pain of living on a budget.



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