International Destinations

If you're traveling abroad with your kids, you'll love these ideas for family-friendly destinations around the world, things kids can do on the plane, and how to settle in once you've arrived.

The Top 10 Caribbean Resorts for Families

What's not to love about the Caribbean? So many resorts, so little time. To help you make the most of your precious family vacations, we conducted the first-ever data-driven survey looking at the family-friendliness of Caribbean resorts. We worked with the Caribbean Tourism Organization and the Caribbean Hotel Association to compile our initial list of 159 resorts. Then we dug in. We looked at the quality of the children's programs, staffing and safety, and a multitude of other factors to come up with our final 10. These are the best of the best!

10 Best Caribbean Destinations for Families

To help you figure out where to take the kids in the Caribbean, Parents consulted travel experts and looked at info on flights, safety, weather, cost, and activities for everyone. Put these getaways on your family's (sand) bucket list.

Why Costa Rica Rocks for Families!

Think it's too expensive to take the family to travel abroad? This Central American hot spot is fun for families -- and won't bust your budget.

10 International Cities to Put on Your Family-Travel Bucket List

Think you're doomed to 18 years of theme park vacations, thanks to your wee ones? No way! Dust off your passport and pack up your kids for adventures in these family-friendly world cities.

Checklist: Traveling Abroad with Kids

Taking off for far-flung destinations with kids is fun. Just make sure to consult this list of must-dos before you go.

Quit Your Job and Travel the World for a Year?

One couple made it happen. Here's how

44 Things Every Kid Should Do Before Turning 8

We rounded up a bunch of talented, witty, and cool people to share the greatest moments of childhood.

Mexico with Kids? Si!

Add some flavor to your family vacation this year with a trip south of the border.

8 Awesome Places to Take Your Harry Potter Fan

Your wannabe wizards will find these Harry Potter-inspired destinations absolutely magical.

Why We Loved Our Disney Cruise

Katie, age 11, gives us a look at what she did on her Disney cruise, which included exploring the ship's themed areas and playing on Disney's private island.

Meeting Elmo and Sesame Street Friends at Beaches Turks and Caicos Resort

A Caribbean vacation at a Beaches resort was the best vacation idea for my family. Sesame Street-themed activities entertained the kids while couples-only activities entertained the adults.

Why We Loved Our Royal Caribbean Cruise

Watch Julia, age 8, explain why she loved her time on her Royal Caribbean cruise. The kid-friendly ships offer character breakfasts, pools, live entertainment, and more.

Winter Getaway: Cancun

Cancun, Mexico offers sunny beaches for families, but don't miss the top five archeaological treasures.

10 Fun Ways to Enjoy the Great Outdoors

Educational opportunities abound in nature, from the magical transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly to the roar of the ocean tucked inside a seashell. An appreciation of nature helps kids understand that they're part of a larger universe and that all living things serve a purpose, says Susan Buttross, M.D., chief of child development and behavioral pediatrics at the University of Mississippi Medical Center, in Jackson. Try these ten fun family activities to spark your child's interest in the natural world and to build his imagination, inquisitiveness, and compassion.

Creative Tips for Traveling with Baby

Smart ways to make traveling with kids less hectic.

Family Travel: G-rated Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a small, easy-to-navigate city that can be perfect for a European adventure for a young family. But a family trip to Holland's largest city bears advance research and planning to make the most of its G-rated pleasures and avoid the city's seamier side. Here are some of the best places to visit.

Paris: The Playground

Paris is a wonderful city to share with children. San Francisco-based writer Stephanie Levin-Gervasi, who traveled to the city with her daughter, Camille, offers her kid-tested tips, along with advice from the travel experts at Fodor's.

12 Fun Winter Festivals for Families

Take advantage of cold weather and snow with these kid-friendly winter festivals

Living in London

American families discover the joys of living in London.

Europe on a Budget

Renting a bungalow is a fun, safe, and affordable way to vacation with your family overseas.

Call of the Wild

A California dad takes his 10-year-old daughter on the trip of a lifetime: a safari in South Africa.

Visiting Canada

Forget about crummy exchange rates and the hassle of overseas travel. A trip to our northern neighbor offers all the fun of visiting another country without the expense.

A Massive Inflatable Unicorn Island Actually Exists--This Is Not a Drill

A plane ticket to the Philippines may be worth the trip considering an Inflatable Island day pass only costs $16!

A Massive Inflatable Unicorn Island Actually Exists--This Is Not a Drill

A plane ticket to the Philippines may be worth the trip considering an Inflatable Island day pass only costs $16!

5 Great Cities To Visit In Canada This Year

Our northern neighbors are celebrating their 150th birthday, and we're getting treats: The exchange rate great for Americans, and Canada is giving free admission to all its national parks in 2017.

25 Vacation Spots for Families with Big Kids

Once you leave behind the world of strollers, naptime, and unpredictable tantrums, your family's travel possibilities explode. See where to seize the sunshine with your school-age kid.