When University of Miami medical residents Laura and Nathan Scott finally got the same weekend off work, they took their three little girls on an RV trip that made a huge impression. Laura shares how it went down.

Laura Scott and Daughter In Front of RV
Credit: Paul Westlake

The RV Felt Like Home

“We got our RV—an FR3 by Forest River—on Friday afternoon. While the girls were still at preschool, I attached their car seats to the couch; it was easy using the lower latches and seat belts. I stocked the fridge and brought in sheets, cozy blankets, and their stuffed animals. The RV came with kitchenware, but I also brought my Keurig, because, well, coffee.”

The Kids’ First Reaction

“I talked up the trip for weeks, so when the girls saw the RV, they ran in, touched all the buttons, and wanted to watch cartoons. They were in heaven.”

Behind the Wheel

“My husband and I had never driven an RV or anything close to its size.  I was nervous, but it turned out to be no big deal because the mirrors on the RV are so good at helping you switch lanes safely. We drove about an hour and a half north of Miami to the Lion Country Safari KOA, in West Palm Beach, where we’d reserved a pull-through spot so we wouldn’t have to back in. Thanks to a lesson the dealer gave us, hooking up the water, electric, and sewer was easy.

Wild About the Animals 

Our campground was a short walk from a park that had a petting zoo, an animal feeding area, a water park, and a safari you drive through in a van. The kids were so excited when they saw an ostrich cross right in front of us. My oldest, Olivia, 4, said its feet reminded her of a dinosaur’s. Later, we got to feed giraffes iceberg-lettuce leaves, and Olivia used her own quarters to buy herself and her sisters' pellets for the animals in the petting zoo. We were at the safari until it closed, and we walked back during sunset.

Laura Scott and Daughters Stand on Surfboard RV Trip
Credit: Paul Westlake

Nighttime Magic

We grilled burgers and hot dogs, sat at our picnic table (included with our RV parking spot), and looked up at the stars. When the kids started getting sleepy, we converted the RV dining table into a bed (it’s a genius feature) and logged on to the campground’s Wi-Fi to hook up our Amazon Fire TV Stick. The girls watched Bubble Guppies and drifted off. I finally got to post the day’s pictures on Instagram, and then Nathan and I slept in the king bed. The RV has four beds, if you count the loft and the pull-out couch, but the girls wanted to sleep together.

Ending on a High Note

We had s’mores for breakfast, then drove the RV to the South Florida Science Center and Aquarium. Almost everything there was hands-on, and we spent hours exploring. When it was time to give back the RV, the kids were disappointed. But that night they started planning our next trip. Olivia spoke to her abuela, inviting her to join us next weekend!

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