Things That Go Vroom!

Let your child take the wheel and master some maneuvers with these remote-control toys.

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Avery Powell

Add a bit of water and cool steam puffs out of Fisher-Price's Thomas & Friends Preschool Steam 'n Speed. Plus, he whistles and talks as your child sends him chugging along. 2 years+, $45;

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Avery Powell

Go ahead and bounce this off walls; nothing stops Spin Master's Air Hogs Hyperactives 5. With wheels on every side, it's made for crazy stunts. 8 years+, $35;

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Avery Powell

Thanks to its squishy plastic body, Kid Galaxy's My First RC GoGo Auto Dump Truck can take your toddler's wild steering and not mark up the furniture. 2 years+, $28;

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Avery Powell

Send FurReal Friends' Trixie the Skateboarding Pup forward or spinning while surf music plays. Bonus: stickers for decorating the board. 4 years+, $40;

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Avery Powell

Your kid will have fun holding a controller in each hand to get Fisher-Price's Disney Planes Wing Control Dusty Crophopper ready for takeoff. 3 years+, $40;

Originally published in the February 2014 issue of Parents magazine.