The Mermaid Lined Mono Fin from Body Glove is perfect for any mortal looking for a magical upgrade this summer. 

Courtesy of Body Glove

Although we never thought the time would come, summer is here and we are ready to embrace our true warm weather personas: mermaids. Luckily enough, we live in a world where mythical creatures (LIKE UNICORNS) are glorified and we will pay good money on products that make us more magical and less mortal. So, if you are ready to turn in your feet for a mermaid tail like the rest of us, you can, thanks to Body Glove. The transformation will have you like: new shell-phone, who dis?

Available in two colors options, pink and purple or aqua and dark blue, the Mermaid Lined Mono Fin is every kid’s dream come true. With soft, rubberized fin edges designed with safety in mind and high-efficiency water channels for gliding through water the mermaid way, this product is as close to the real thing as it gets for us two-legged folk.

The one-size fits all fin is great for ages 5 and up, and the adjustable straps still allow parents to take them for a spin—because we know you want to. Mermaid/merman bliss will only cost you $30!

Obviously, the Mermaid Lined Mono Fin is not for everyone—we don’t recommend novice swimmers to give this product a go. We also suggest practicing in the shallow end before diving in completely. Either way, we wish you happy splashing and frolicking. Mermaid or not, this vacation weather is worth celebrating!



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