Lego Is Switching From Plastic to More Earth-Friendly Packaging—All Thanks to Kids

Lego is making a major planet-saving change, and the story behind this choice is pretty amazing.

Here's something that makes us feel really, really good about the future of our world: Lego, a massive brand by any measure, is making a major change to its process in the name of environmental friendliness. But that's not why we feel so reassured about the future: These changes came after children requested them—and the fact that those same kids will inherit the Earth? That's pretty awesome.

Lego announced the company will replace its plastic bags with recyclable, sustainably-sourced alternatives starting in 2021.

"Children asked, and we listened. Recyclable, sustainably-sourced paper bags will be tested in Lego boxes from 2021," Lego wrote in a Facebook post.

no more plastic lego
Courtesy LEGO

According to Lego's web site, the bags included inside the brand's boxed are composed of single-use disposable plastic as of right now. The brand plans to make all its packaging sustainable, easy to recycle (and easier for kids to open, to boot!) by 2025.

Lego CEO Niels B. Christiansen explained in a statement that kids wrote to the company asking it to drop the plastic. “We have received many letters from children about the environment asking us to remove single-use plastic packaging," Christiansen said. "We have been exploring alternatives for some time and the passion and ideas from children inspired us to begin to make the change.”

While Lego isn't the only brand that's working on environmentally-friendly solutions, the story here represents something a little different—because here, change isn't coming from executives or even established groups. It's coming directly from consumers—in this case, the children who love playing with Lego's iconic toys and just want to help the company better serve our planet.

Not surprisingly, the company's social media followers are commenting in praise of this move—and we imagine the kids who love Lego (especially the ones who requested this change) are feeling pretty stoked as well.

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