Easy Riders

Your child will be pumped to pedal this summer with a bicycle that's perfect for his age and stage.

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Avery Powell

YBike Evolve 3 in 1 starts out as a trike, then transforms to a two-wheeler, letting your little rider gain confidence with each step. 2 to 5 years, $140; rightstart.com

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Avery Powell

Adjust the seat on the Red Bullet Balance Bike so your child can start, coast, and stop by pushing her feet on the ground. She'll learn how to keep it upright, no training wheels required. 3 years+, $50; chiccoshop.com

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Avery Powell

Get a little guy motivated with a ride that acts tough: He'll love the gadget on the Hot Wheels 12-inch Bike that makes an engine-revving sound. 3 to 5 years, $68; walmart.com

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Avery Powell

The 16-inch Novara Stinger comes with training wheels for a school-age learner. Later, a handle on the back of the seat helps you guide him. 5 to 8 years, $170; rei.com

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Avery Powell

Depending on how fast they grow, big kids can ride a 24-inch bike through their teens. Diamondback's Della Cruz has coaster brakes (she just pedals backward to stop) and a steel frame. 8 years+, $220; amazon.com

Originally published in the May 2014 issue of Parents magazine.