The monkeys were our beloved holiday toy, and now we're pretty psyched for dinosaurs: Untamed by Fingerlings.

This Friday, May 18th, is the launch of new, dare we say more badass, Fingerlings. I got super-psyched for the line back at the holidays because I love an interactive toy that comes in under $20. They made our list of Best Toys and the monkeys (plus a few rare sloths and unicorns) were a nationwide hit. Everyone was smitten!

Or nearly everyone. There are kids out there who don't want cute and cuddly. Yes, you read that right—and maybe your kid is even one of them. They gravitate to more awe than aww—let's call them a "Game of Thrones" mini-crowd. The Fingerlings coming out on Ferocious Friday are for them!

These new ones, called Untamed by Fingerlings, are raptors named Stealth, Blaze, Fury, and Razor. They do more than 40 things, from roaring to gripping their claws. They come out of the box acting a little wild, and your kid can pet their dino and teach it to be calmer, or choose to shake or tap their raptor and make it more feisty. My favorite feature: Blow on a raptor’s face and it sneezes!

Like the monkeys, if a kid lays a dino in his hand and rocks it, the creature goes to sleep. You can see a bunch of ways to get the toys to react by watching this tutorial video

WowWee will release other cool Untamed versions later this year, but I've promised to keep my mouth shut for now! The raptors and original Fingerlings are $15 each, wherever toys are sold, and for kids ages 5 and up.

Entertainment editor Jessica Hartshorn scouts for great toys year-round.