10 Water Toys for Toddlers You Need This Summer

Intex Dinosaur Inflatable Play Center
Intex Dinosaur Inflatable Play Center. Photo: Courtesy of Amazon

Hot, sunny days pair perfectly with any of these great outdoor water toys for toddlers. Whether your little fishie favors splashing in a backyard pool, kicking back at the beach, enjoying some sprinkler action, or taking a seat at the water table...we've got a toy for them.

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Busy Ball Play Table


The Step2 Busy Ball Play Table brings the bonus of cause-and-effect lessons. What happens when your toddler puts the ball down the chute or in the catapult? The play table comes with ten balls and a scooping cup, and it drains quickly when it's time to clean up. Ages 1 and older.

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Grub Scouts Kids' Sprinkler

Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Splash Patrol Sprinkler Toy
Courtesy of Amazon

Sprinklers make some of the best outdoor water toys for toddlers. Simply attach the Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Splash Patrol Sprinkler to your garden hose and listen for the giggles. Ages 3 to 5.

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Rainbow Inflatable Play Center

Intex Rainbow Ring Inflatable Play Center

If you host plenty of playdates, then the Intex Rainbow Inflatable Play Center is a must-get outside water toy for toddlers. The top pool leads down to the bottom one with a slide. It has a mister, too, as well as a ring toss game. Ages 2 to 4.

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Tug Boat

Green Toys Tugboat
Green Toys

A wading pool and a boat to float: Can you even imagine one without the other? This cheery craft will weather all the adventures your toddler dreams up. The Green Toys Tug Boat is made in the USA entirely from recycled milk jugs. Toot toot indeed! Ages 6 months and older.

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Spiralin' Seas Waterpark Water Table

Little Tikes Spiralin’ Seas Waterpark Water Table
Courtesy of Amazon. Courtesy of Amazon

Water table toys for toddlers are a surefire hit! The big draw of the Little Tikes Spiralin' Seas Waterpark option is the spiral slide in the middle that balls go down. Completing the action-packed aquatic scene is the wheel, powered by water poured into a funnel. Ages 24 months to 5 years.

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Sprinkle Splash Play Mat

BANZAI Sprinkle & Splash Play Mat

Connect the Banzai Sprinkle Splash Play Mat to your hose, and water starts spurting and sprinkling up out of it. What could be more delightful to a 2-year-old? At 4.5 feet across, the mat is big enough for your toddler to share the fun with a buddy. This gets our vote for the best bang for the buck (it retails for around $12), even if you only get one season out of it. Ages 18 months to 3 years.

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Arenä Pop-up Beach Pool

Arenä pool
Courtesy of bbluvgroup.com. Courtesy of bbluvgroup.com

Your baby will have a ball cooling off at the shore—even when you don't feel like sitting at the water's edge with them. Just dig a small hole in the sand next to your blanket, drop it in the bblüv Arenä Pop-up Beach Pool, and fill it with water using the included bucket. When the sun is setting, fold it up and tuck it into its carry bag. Ages 6 to 18 months.

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Dinosaur Inflatable Play Center

Intex Dinosaur Inflatable Play Center
Intex Dinosaur Inflatable Play Center. Courtesy of Amazon

Here's the plan: Send your toddler off with your partner, set up the Intex Dinosaur Inflatable Play Center while they're gone, and then lead them to the backyard with their eyes covered. The reaction, we'll wager, will be your most loved Instagram story. Essentially a mini water park, the cushion on the pool floor makes it comfy. This best water toy for toddlers even includes inflatable fish for kids to try to catch. Ages 2 to 4.

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Baby Spring Float Splash Station

Courtesy of Buy Buy Baby
Baby Spring Float Splash Station. Baby Spring Float Splash Station

Every newbie water baby needs a good float. The SwimWays Baby Spring Float Splash Station has a sun canopy and is nice and wide and super sturdy, so it will be easy for you to pull around the pool. The water toy for toddlers also brings the fun factor in the form of a whale and starfish that squirt water. Ages 9 to 24 months.

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Unicorn Inflatable Sprinkler

Courtesy of Amazon.

The squeals of delight will be heard on the next block! If you have more than one child, or nieces and nephews a little older than your kiddo, the statuesque 5-foot JOYIN Inflatable Unicorn Yard Sprinkler is a can't-lose outdoor water toys for toddlers. All ages.

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