Playtime just got a little more relatable to all mothers of the '80s. 

By Lauren Pardee
February 28, 2018

We all know the jingle: My Little Pony, My Little Pony, you’ll always be in my heart. As of late, that could not be a truer statement. In honor of My Little Pony’s 35th anniversary, the company Basic Fun is re-releasing Hasbro's original six ponies we all grew up loving—and their comeback is more enticing than ever before.

Available in-stores at Target and Toys R Us for $10 each, Cotton Candy, Blossom, Snuzzle, Butterscotch, Blue Belle, and Minty all come with their very own comb and mini collector poster.

My Little Pony Rebrand
Credit: Courtesy of Basic Fun

Although retro, each pony is rocking a revitalized look with shinier hair and eye-popping colors—irresistible to any kid (or parent feeling nostalgic).

My Little Pony Rainbow
Credit: Courtesy of Basic Fun

If collecting the OG six isn’t enough, Basic Fun is also bringing Rainbow Ponies back to stores. Known for their delicious scents and fun rainbow hair Cotton Candy, Skydancer, Sunlight, Windy, Parasol, and Starshine are expected to go on sale this August.

We can appreciate a good throwback to bring us closer to our kids. We may be semi-uninterested in the dolls and characters our kids love now, but My Little Pony is a universal symbol of fun we can approve of.