RUN DMC Little People

The Run DMC and Fisher-Price Collab Is Back After Selling Out Lightning Fast

You won't have to wait until Christmas in Hollis to get your own.
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Earlier in July, Fisher-Price unveiled a new selection from their popular Little People Collector Figures franchise: Run DMC. Joseph "Run" Simmons, Darryl "D.M.C." McDaniels and the late Jason "Jam Master Jay" Mizell are Little People now—only $14.99—and they're just as funky fresh as they ever were. 

The Little People dolls are decked out in the rap group's signature look: Kangols, Gazelles, big fat rope chains, and track suits. Can somebody say, "Hoooo!"? 

Collectors will want to keep the three 2.8-inch figures in their original packaging, which includes the group's logo and some vintage graffiti in the background. But the affordable pricing means you can absolutely buy two—one for you as a keepsake and another for your kids (ages 12 months and up) to take out and play with like they're living in 1980s Queens.

Run DMC figures
Credit: Courtesy Fisher-Price

If you heard about the Run DMC Little People collection when it first dropped, and you're a fan of the Hollis crew, you may have run to your laptop to purchase right away a few weeks ago. And then it got "Tricky" real fast, because they sold out within minutes. You may have thought, "It's like that, and that's the way it is." 

Or is it? Nah, "Sucker MCs," it's actually not. "The King [s] of Rock" are back, or at least they're available to preorder for when they're back in stock. "Walk This Way" to Amazon now.

You may have to wait "30 Days," hopefully less, to be "Down With the King[s]" but "Ooh Whatcha Gonna Do?" It's not like you can pass this up. Just tell yourself, "I'm Not Going Out Like That." You're not a "Dumb Girl," or boy for that matter. "You Be Illin'" if you wait. Don't have the folks in "Run's House" wondering, "What's It All About"? Little Run, D.M.C., and Jam Master Jay will put you right back in your happy place with these nostalgic figures. Plus, you can let your kids know that you were actually cool once!