Best Pool and Water Toys for Kids This Summer

Dive into summer fun with beach and water toys that are guaranteed to make a splash with your kids.

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Avery Powell

Float the idea of water play by your littlest one as you guide him around in this bargain Baby Care Seat. 1 to 2 years, $8; K-Mart

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Avery Powell

Start a game of catch with a Pottery Barn Kids beach ball that has a built-in surprise. 12 months+, $11; Pottery Barn Kids

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Avery Powell

Coming in for a landing! Green Toys' Seaplane is made of pool-friendly recycled plastic. 1 year+, $11

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Stained Glass Butterfly

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Avery Powell

Toss these tiny sea creatures into the pool, then show your child how to use the Louie Lobster Claw Catcher, from Melissa & Doug, to nab them as they sink. 5 years+, $13

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Avery Powell

Squeeze and then release a Swim Ways Noodle Head Shooter under the water to fill it up. Next, put it on top of your existing foam pool noodle. Ready for a water fight! 5 years+, $14.95

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Avery Powell

Set up Stream Machine's Swim Thru Rings to challenge strong swimmers. They adjust to float near the top or bottom of the pool. 8 years+, $20

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Avery Powell

In Poolmaster's Rotten Egg game, the bottom of each egg has a number 1 through 5 inside, or the words rotten egg. One kid may dive and get fewer eggs but still win if another gets lower points or the rotten one. Swap tops each time to hide which egg is which. 8 years+, $14