Super-Fun Outdoor Toys

These outdoor toys are designed to get kids moving -- really moving.

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Peter Ardito

Put your tot in her swimsuit, fill Step2's Wild Whirlpool Water Table, and make some waves. 18 months+, $40

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Peter Ardito

RoseArt's Washable Sidewalk Chalk Paint is a powder you mix with water. Let your kids paint the driveway or patio; the color grows vibrant as it dries, then rinses off. 3 years+, $8

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Peter Ardito

Hook the Blossom Bright Kids' Sprinkler by Melissa & Doug to a hose. Cool water squirts out of a dozen flowers. 3 years+, $20

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Peter Ardito

Teach your kid to aim, swing, tap, and take turns using this wooden Croquet set from Plan Toys with rainbow-bright wickets. 4 years+, $40

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Peter Ardito

Does your child have energy to burn? Give him NSG's GROM pogo stick and challenge him to hop. 5 to 9 years, $60

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Peter Ardito

In "flood" mode, Hasbro's Nerf Super Soaker Barrage unleashes more than a half-gallon of water in a hurry. Set to "distance," it reaches 38 feet; in "scatter," it streams every which way. 7 years+, $20