Mattel Wants Your Old Toys Back for Their New PlayBack Program

Mattel's toy recycling program lets you send back your used Barbies, Matchbox cars, and more for free so they can reuse the materials to make new toys in the future.

While we love when toys can get a new home (because we have seen all the Toy Story movies), we know that headless dolls and wheelless cars might need another solution. Enter Mattel's new toy recycling program that allows you to send in your old Barbie, Matchbox, and MEGA toys rather than send them to a landfill or try and pass them on to your neighbors.

Through the pioneering Mattel PlayBack program, you can print a free shipping label, pack outgrown toys from those three brands (Barbie/Matchbox/MEGA), and mail it off on Mattel's dime. The company will sort and separate the materials for reuse and recycling. Mattel intends to add more of its brands to the program in the future, and our fingers are crossed that it works because there are also a lot of Little People and Thomas the Train sets in this world.

Mattel PlayBack program

The big hope is that by recovering material from old Mattel toys, the company can reuse them to make new ones. This is all toward becoming a toy company with 100 percent recycled, recyclable or bio-based materials and packaging by 2030. It's not the first part of the initiative either; Mattel introduced plant-based plastics for classic toddler toys one year ago. Next year Matchbox will be selling a Tesla Roadster that will be its first die-cast vehicle made from 99 percent recycled materials, part of that brand's Driving Toward a Better Future campaign.

In the meantime, the PlayBack program is up and running in the US and Canada, so take advantage. Visit for details.

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