The Frozen 2 movie release is still over a month away, but all-new Elsa, Anna, and Kristoff toys are available to buy Friday. Could a few of these costumes and songs be hinting at what's to come??

By Jessica Hartshorn
October 02, 2019

The new Frozen 2 movie doesn’t come out until November 22 but the toys debut at mass retailers (Target, Walmart, Amazon) starting this Friday, October 4. Why? Who knows, but Disney is practically daring us to guess some plotpoints!

Good luck, I know, given the twists and turns of a Disney movie, but that won’t keep us from trying! Here are our favorites, what they cost, and why we're loving them.

Elsa’s big anthem this time around is “Into the Unknown.” You can hear a snippet of it online, and this new 15-inch doll from Jakks Pacific (pictured above) sings a bit of it too. Elsa wears a purple light-up nightgown that Disney says is so you can “Relive the beautiful, pivotal moment in the film when Elsa sings her powerful new song.” The doll is $35 for ages 3 years+.

kristoff-and-anna dolls

Causing a major slew of spoiler rumors is a set of Anna and Kristoff dolls in coordinating dress-up outfits. Are they at a party? This isn’t a wedding, is it? Disney is careful to describe Anna’s dress as “cream-colored” versus white so maybe the old Shakespearean everyone-gets-married-finale is not in the cards, especially because Disney cautions that Kristoff wears this outfit in “an early scene from the film.” The dolls, from Hasbro, are $30 for the two and for ages 3 years+.

frozen 2 toys

Sterling K Brown has a character named Mattias in Frozen 2, and in addition to meeting him in the official movie trailer you can already see him in LEGO form. The Enchanted Treehouse LEGO set features Mattius, Anna and Olaf. In a description of the set, Disney teases us with this hint: “What are these strange stones in the enchanted forest? They hold clues of an ancient magic that has been reawakened.” The set is $50 for ages 6 years+.

frozen 2 toy canoe

Anna rides in a canoe. We already glimpsed that in the trailer, and now this LEGO box for the Anna’s Canoe Expedition set has us feeling the vibes, and also assuming this is a perfect tie-in to the Epcot Frozen ride right down to the ice slide. Seriously, it looks like she could be in Disney World, no? But the description says she’s in “the enchanted forest, far from Arendelle.” This LEGO set is $20 for ages 4 years+.

Now we just have to actually see the movie so we’re reliving it rather than previewing it! November 22 can’t come fast enough!