The fierce new Fingerling creatures will be appearing all holiday season in a few of your favorite stores. We'll tell you where to look and when!

By Jessica Hartshorn
November 06, 2018
UNTAMED Sabre-Tooth Tigers Silvertooth and Bonesaw
| Credit: Courtesy of WowWee

We like a toy with a bit of bite! A few months ago we got to toy-test a bunch of Untamed T-Rex by Fingerlings, a new line of dinosaur toys, and they were a hit, making our 2018 Parents Best Toys list. But we've since learned that there are more fierce creatures coming out for the holidays. Since part of the fun of collecting Fingerlings is finding the different variations, we thought we'd share where the new ones are popping up.

A quick recap, if you didn't catch the original Fingerlings last year: These toys—each roughly the size of a first-grader's hand—respond to touch, motion and noise, so they're highly interactive. In the beginning there were only monkeys, but by the end of 2017 WowWee (the parent toy company) released sloths, unicorns and more.

The 2018 Untamed line features fiercer mythical creatures. If a kid uses certain behaviors with one, the toy acts sweeter. But a child can also keep a Fingerlings Untamed wild. (There are a ton of tutorials online for either method of "training!")

Where to Buy Fingerlings Toys

Sabre-Tooth Tigers are arriving now in Target, which will be the exclusive home of the cool cats. Bonesaw is orange with a deep growl and big, serrated teeth. (No worries, the chompers are fairly rubbery and even sticking a finger into his mouth doesn't actually hurt, it's just a fun dare.) Silvertooth is snowy white with shinier, smoother canines.

Dire Wolves will arrive exclusively at Amazon before Thanksgiving. We're lucky and got and early sample of Blizzard in our office; when we turned the dog on, he immediately let out a long howl! His friend is Midnight, sporting some scary red eyes, but apparently if you get Mignight tame he's as friendly as a puppy.

The third new Fingerlings variation has to stay under wraps until November 19th. That's when Walmart will reveal its Black Friday Fingerlings offering. I'll cheat and say that it is not a fierce version, though! More like super-duper adorable!

Each Fingerling has more than 40 different sounds and motions and is made for ages 5 and up. Note, Fingerlings should be $15 each no matter where you get them, so beware of vendors selling them for more online.


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