Get ready for some fun with the winning toys from ABC’s The Toy Box, just in time for the holidays.

By Abby Kass
Courtesy of Mattel

If you couldn’t get enough of this season of ABC’s The Toy Box (a kinder version of Shark Tank, but with toy inventors and kid judges) than you are already familiar with the Hydroshield Water Dodger. It was selected as season 2’s winning toy, and it promises to make every season a blast. The Hydroshield Water Dodger—sold exclusively at for $30—is the must-have holiday gift for kids ages 5 and up.

The Hydroshield Water Dodger is the perfect toy for every water—or snow—fight. It includes two perfectly shaped shields that have a nice handle and storage net for your balls or “Aqua Ammo”. It was the judge’s favorite as it provides hours of entertainment in any season. Inventor, Nathaniel Eaton came up with the idea while still in college—making his first prototypes from cardboard and Plexiglas.

"Growing up with a single mother and seven siblings we came up with a ton of ways to keep ourselves entertained, and inventing toys and games has always been a passion," Nathaniel Eaton said. "It's truly a dream come true to see my toy invention on-shelf at Toys "R" Us and hopefully on kids wish lists this holiday season."

But toy manufacturing company, Mattel was so impressed by all the hard work that went into the toys this season that they decided to produce two additional toys: Eardorables and Wobb-Ball.

Eardorables—the plush animals with built-in secret compartments were Toys “R” Us’ favorite creation on this season's The Toy Box. These cute, fluffy creatures with huge ears can hide things behind them, but also inside. To sweeten the deal even more, there’s a surprise in every Eardorables that kids will love! For ages 2 and up, Eardorables retail for $25 exclusively at

Host, Eric Stonestreet’s favorite toy was the Wobb-Ball. It’s a flexible rod with a ball on top that moves in every direction. The inventors wanted a toy that could be played in a small space. You can practice hitting the ball back and forth by yourself or challenge a friend to see how long you can go. It also includes two paddles and storage for them in the base. The Wobb-Ball is for ages 8 and up and retails for $30 at

The Toy Box's panel of kid judges saw and tested more than 50 toys to find their favorites, making these three the best of the best. With all these great new toys to choose from, you can find the perfect one for every kid on your list this holiday season!



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