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Looking for the right kid toy? Learn what toys kids love most, which have the greatest educational value, why some get tossed aside after a few minutes of play, and how to use toys to foster intelligence and creativity.

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Pretend Play Just Got Very Useful: These Toy Vacuums Have Real Suction
Ryan's World and licensed Dyson dupes let kids join in on the "fun" of vacuuming the house.
What are Pop It Fidget Toys, and Why Are They So Popular Right Now?
A fidget toy with poppable silicone blisters, Pop Its blew up after appearing in a TikTok video with a monkey. Here's what to know about the must-have item for kids.
I've Only Bought My 3-Year-Old 4 Toys in Her Life—Here's How
Knowing the damage that consumerism does to the environment made me adopt a toy-minimalist lifestyle—and it's had a positive impact on my daughter's creativity as well as my wallet.
Mattel Wants Your Old Toys Back for Their New PlayBack Program
Mattel's toy recycling program lets you send back your used Barbies, Matchbox cars, and more for free so they can reuse the materials to make new toys in the future.

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