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Looking for the right kid toy? Learn what toys kids love most, which have the greatest educational value, why some get tossed aside after a few minutes of play, and how to use toys to foster intelligence and creativity.

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American Girl Debuts '80s-Themed Historical Doll Courtney Who Rocks Neon Leggings and a Scrunchie

Her story will encompass defining moments of the decade, including the cultural shift surrounding blended families and the popularity of music television and video games,

This $8 Play-Doh Toy Has Racked Up Nearly 8,000 Five-Star Ratings

Looking for an under-$10 toy that keeps kids occupied, lets them be creative, and gets rave reviews from parents? Look no further than Play-Doh, which is available on Amazon.

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What's the best toy for an infant vs. a toddler? Before you go holiday shopping, check out our list that matches developmental stages of play with toys that work well for kids at each age.

Toys for Kids With Special Needs

The writer of the blog To the Max asked parents which toys most benefited their kids with special needs this past year. These toys have encouraged children to move, communicate, manipulate their hands, be social -- and have lots of fun too.