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Looking for the right kid toy? Learn what toys kids love most, which have the greatest educational value, why some get tossed aside after a few minutes of play, and how to use toys to foster intelligence and creativity.

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Hasbro Rebrands Potato Head Toys With Gender-Neutral Name

Hasbro will rebrand Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head with a gender-neutral name, simply "Potato Head."

The Barbie Extra Line is Totally Over-the-Top But Sending the Right Message

Mattel’s new Barbie Extra dolls are playful, colorful, and unique with the aim to encourage your child’s self-expression. Here’s why you may want to add one to your holiday shopping list this year.

Parents' 45 Best Toys for Kids of 2020

From toddler ride-ons to science kits, Paw Patrol to Star Wars, these new toys for kids have all been tested by children, parents, and our own editors to earn a spot on our coveted list of winners.

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American Girl Debuts '80s-Themed Historical Doll Courtney Who Rocks Neon Leggings and a Scrunchie

Her story will encompass defining moments of the decade, including the cultural shift surrounding blended families and the popularity of music television and video games,