The Best 'Encanto' Toys to Bring the Madrigal Magic to Your Home

Including a Mirabel that sings and a Bruno doll you can talk about.

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If you aren't walking, breathing, and chewing to the sound of "We Don't Talk About Bruno" in your head nonstop these days, well, that must mean that you don't have a child under, say, age 25 in your home. But at some point, maybe you'll have to take a break between replaying Encanto on Disney+ and replaying the soundtrack on every speaker you own. That's no reason your kids have to stop thinking about (and being inspired by) la familia Madrigal. The many Encanto toys—dolls, costumes, Lego sets, and more—available right now can help them imagine their own miracles at home.

Besides being an entertaining movie with a ridiculously catchy Lin Manuel Miranda soundtrack, Encanto has become something bigger for families. The movie's magical story is a welcome escape for many of us stuck at home every time our kids are quarantined. The representation of multiracial Columbian culture has been important for Afro-Latinx children to see. And, as TikTok has pointed out to us, the movie's underlying themes of familial pressure and intergenerational trauma speak to several generations at once. But we'll let the adults ponder the heavy issues (and our kids will probably soak them up without realizing it), and instead encourage our kids to have fun taking Encanto into their imaginative playtime.

Since this is, after all, a Disney movie, you know the stores are flooded with dolls representing Mirabel and her family, not to mention the jaguar, capybara, toucan, and rats who live with them. We've seen social media posts discussing the demand for dolls and merch representing Luisa, Mirabel's muscle-bound but sensitive older sister, and are pleased to discover that there are appropriately pumped-up Luisa dolls available on Amazon, Walmart, and all the other places Encanto toys are sold. (Sadly, we've yet to see her unicorn donkeys on the market.) There are even excellent versions of Bruno (and his rats) out there.

While we'd really like to have a life-size Casita of our own, we'll have to settle for a toy Encanto house (self-moving furniture and miracle doors sold separately) or one you can build from Lego blocks. If you haven't tired of listening to "Under the Surface" (and crying to "Dos Oruguitas"), you can also set your kids up with a karaoke mic to belt it all out in the living room—maybe in costume!

Below are some of the best Encanto toys, books, and accessories, you can buy right now:

Encanto House Toys

Magical Casa Madrigal Play Set

encanto play set

OK, this house is still really special as dollhouses go: It comes with a Mirabel doll, which activates music when you place her on a couple of locations on the floor. An elevator changes the weather like Tía Pepa; the doors to Antonio's and Isabela's rooms open to play music; and the staircase moves and turns into a slide. Parents will also love the way the whole set can be closed and put away when playtime is over!

To buy: Magical Casa Madrigal Play Set

Antonio's Tree House Play Set

encanto play set

From what we saw in the movie, Antonio's bedroom is by far the most fun—for anyone who loves animals, that is. This set comes with Antonio, a capybara, a toucan, a hammock, and a snake.

To buy: Antonio's Tree House Play Set

Isabela's Garden Room Play Set

encanto play set

If flowers are more your kid's speed, then get them Isabela's room. The included doll's feet unlock the door to her floral paradise, and when she steps on the path, more flowers bloom. The set also comes with a vanity, brush, chair, bed, and chandelier.

To buy: Isabela's Garden Room Play Set

Lego Disney 'Encanto' The Madrigal House

encanto lego set

So many people love the idea of building la Casa Madrigal with their own hands that this 587-piece Lego set is out of stock at most retailers as of this writing. If you're desperate for it, you can pay an Amazon vendor double the listed $49.99 retail price, or just wait for it to be restocked.

To buy: Lego Disney Encanto The Madrigal House

Lego Disney 'Encanto' Antonio's Magical Door

encanto lego set

This 99-piece Lego set at first looks like a diary, waiting to be opened with the included key. Inside, kids can build an adorable version of Antonio's wild room, complete with a tree, from which his hammock and his capybara's swing hang. It comes with Antonio and Mirabel micro figures, as well as a capybara, jaguar, and frog.

To buy: Lego Disney Encanto Antonio's Magical Door

Lego Disney 'Encanto' Isabela's Magical Door

encanto lego set

As with Antonio's door set, kids can unlock and open this pink box to set the stage for Isabela's floral haven. The 114-piece set includes Mirabel, Isabela, and Luisa micro figures, along with three butterflies and a bird.

To buy: Lego Disney Encanto Isabela's Magical Door

Encanto Dolls

'Encanto' Deluxe Doll Set

encanto doll set

This set includes a 13-inch Luisa doll, 11-inch Isabela and Mirabel dolls, 7-inch Antonio, and a jaguar, capybara, and toucan — plus an accordion for Mirabel. The dolls are fully posable and have rooted hair (which means real curls on Mirabel and Antonio!). Their clothing is also very detailed, and they're just the right size to interact with any Barbie's in your kid's collection.

To buy: Encanto Deluxe Doll Set

Mi Familia 1.5-Inch Figurine Set

encanto figurine set

If your kid wants to play with 12 Madrigal family members — Mirabel, Luisa, Antonio, Isabela, Abuela Alma, Bruno, Augustin, Julieta, Pepa, Felix, Dolores, and Camilo — this set of little figures (a Walmart exclusive) makes it easy. This is the only set we've found in which the dads get any representation.

To buy: Disney Encanto Mi Familia 1.50-Inch Figurine Set

Luisa Doll

encanto doll

It's hard to remember if we've ever seen a female doll figure with muscles like Luisa's before. We don't want to put more pressure on her, but she's doing a lot for little girls!

To buy: Luisa 3-Inch Small Doll

Plush Mirabel Doll

encanto doll

Even the youngest of Encanto fans can cuddle up to this 18-inch Mirabel doll, whose real miracle is that she has no choking-hazard parts but maintains that warm smile children will love.

To buy: Mirabel Plush Doll

Mirabel Doll Sing and Play With Accordion

encanto doll

This 11-inch Mirabel doll sings "The Family Madrigal" as her arms move the accordion when you flip a switch on her back. Even when parents are tired of hearing that song conveniently "lose" the batteries, kids can admire the doll's curly hair, elaborate outfit, and removable glasses and hat.

To buy: Mirabel Doll Sing and Play With Accordion

Antonio Madrigal Small Doll

encanto doll

Antonio, the cutest member of the Madrigal family, already has a lot of young fans, both because they can see themselves in him and because they really wish they could talk to birds or ride a jaguar.

To buy: Antonio Madrigal Small Doll Playset 2 Pieces

Capybara 7-Inch Small Plush

encanto plush

We would definitely watch an Encanto spin-off starring this South American rodent and his spectacular side-eye.

To buy: Disney Encanto Capybara 7-Inch Small Plush

Funko Pop! Disney: 'Encanto' Bruno Madrigal

encanto doll

Several Encanto characters are available in Funko Pop! form, but the expression on this Bruno doll's face is our favorite. Poor guy!

To buy: Funko Pop! Disney: Encanto Bruno Madrigal

Encanto Clothing and Costumes

Mirabel Costume for Kids

encanto costume

Not only does this dress have some beautiful embroidery, it also depicts Mirabel surrounded by the animals of Encanto. There will be dancing in this costume!

To buy: Mirabel Costume for Kids

Disney Isabela Core Fashion Dress

encanto dress

As the most Disney Princess-y of Encanto characters, Isabela naturally has a costume fit for many a dress-up day.

To buy: Disney Isabela Core Fashion Dress

Disney 'Encanto' Luisa Dress

encanto costume

Encanto fans can find dresses to play Luisa, Pepa, Mirabel, Isabela, and Dolores on Amazon. We're not sure if you'll want them lifting weights and donkeys in the Luisa outfit, but they can at least pretend!

To buy: Disney Encanto Luisa Dress

Luisa the Strongest T-Shirt

encanto t shirt

How cool is it that Target sells this shirt in versions for boys as well as girls?

To buy: Boys' Luisa the Strongest T-Shirt

Group Chat Antonio's Animals T-Shirt

encanto t shirt

This image is delightful, even as we hope most little ones don't yet know what a group chat is.

To buy: Girls' Group Chat Antonio's Animals T-Shirt

Mirabel Uniquely Me T-Shirt

encanto t shirt

This shirt, available for all kids, depicts one of the best positive messages kids can take away from Encanto.

To buy: Encanto Mirabel Uniquely Me T-Shirt

Madrigal Family by Jhonny Nuñez Women's T-Shirt

encanto t shirt

Adults can also display their Encanto fandom, and this artwork showing the three sisters makes it less childish to do so.

To buy: Women's Encanto Madrigal Family by Jhonny Nuñez T-Shirt

Other Encanto Toys

Disney's 'Encanto' Candle

encanto candle

It looks like Disney has yet to make its own version of the miracle candle, but we found this Etsy creator doing so. Don't worry about this one flickering out or burning little hands, as it's battery-powered.

To buy: Disney's Encanto Candle Movie Replica

Ekids Disney 'Encanto' Karaoke Microphone With Bluetooth Speaker

encanto mic

Set up the EZ Link app on your phone or another Bluetooth device, and with the press of a button, this mic can connect to a playlist of Encanto songs (or another of Disney hits). You're about to talk about Bruno a whole lot more.

To buy: Ekids Disney Encanto Karaoke Microphone With Bluetooth Speaker

'Disney Encanto: Antonio's Amazing Gift'

encanto book

Your kids can take a break from watching Encanto and instead play it all out in their minds as they read this picture book about Antonio. Again, we're seeing so much spin-off potential here!

To buy: Disney Encanto: Antonio's Amazing Gift

Antonio Time Teacher Watch

plastic watch

This watch won't hop about and nudge your kid to get to the party on time, like Casita's alarm clock, but it will help them learn how to tell time with hands labeled "hour" and "minute."

To buy: Antonio Time Teacher Watch

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