Best Toys That Get Kids Moving

Looking for something to help your child burn off some energy? Our kid testers show you how much fun they had playing with their favorite toys that kept them moving.


Looking for ways to help your kid burn off some energy? These toys will get them moving. [MUSIC] When your tyke really starts bouncing around there's the toddler trampoline, it's low to the ground and super stable putting you at ease and it has a holding bar to help him jump at ease. If you have a little athlete on your hands the Smart Shots Sports Center is a slam dunk. Not only does it develop coordination skills, but encourages her to take her best shot. Plus, any toy where your kid is allowed to kick or throw the ball is sure to a winner. For an older child, encourage him to be active in new ways. The Cyclone challenges riders to use their arms, not their legs, to build momentum. Finally, play dates are the perfect opportunity to get kids moving, especially with games like Disney Junior Super Stretchy. They have to twist, bend and reach with this Twister-like game. And the stretching will make them feel good when it's over

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