Best Toys That Feature Favorite Characters

We brought the toughest little critics to our testing room so they could tell us their favorite toys that feature characters. Learn what they picked as the best of the best and why.


Elmo. Elsa. Olaf. These big name stars are big time wins when it comes to toys. We brought in the toughest critics to test out the toys that feature characters. Here are the ones that made the cut. Keep it simple and opt for a toy that does all the work for you. Lets imagine Elmo counts. Sings. And of course. Giggles. Same goes for Snow Glow Elsa which plays Let it Go when you raise her arm. This lets your child relive the best part of their favorite movie. Other toys that give the thumbs up are the ones that let your child pretend to be their favorite character. Doc McStuffins mobile vet clinic not only utilizes stuffed animals your child already has, but on four wheels, it can go just about anywhere. Of course, even big kids find it hard to resist play sets based on their favorite flicks, such as this one from Lego. This allows them to go off script and create their own scenes from the movie. [MUSIC] When it comes to picking out toys that feature favorite characters. It's the ones that let your child's personality and imagination come through that really stand out.

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