Best Toys of 2015: Ages 5 and Up

Here at Parents, we get the year's new toys sent to us months before the holidays (lucky us!) and invite kids of all ages to come in and give them a whirl (lucky them!). See which toys came out on top! 

Best Toys of 2015: Ages 5 and Up

 Gerd Hahn's Worry Eaters Jeffrey Westbrook

We love these toys that are kind enough to tackle tough emotions! Your child can write down a fear or a concern and feed it into one of Gerd Hahn's Worry Eaters. It's up to you whether to peek later, $23

Uncle Milton T-Rexcavator. Jeffrey Westbrook

Answer dino trivia, then gently remove the bones—without touching the sides—with Uncle Milton T-Rexcavator, $20

 Jakks Pacific Aladdin Magic Genie Lamp Jeffrey Westbrook

Testers delighted in posing a question to Jakks Pacific Aladdin Magic Genie Lamp and then spinning its top for a funny answer,  $17 

Spin Master Zoomer Kitty Jeffrey Westbrook

Remote-control Spin Master Zoomer Kitty will dazzle kids by chasing a ball and otherwise acting like a real cat; there's a black-and-white version too, $100

 Zing Firetek Zeon Bow Jeffrey Westbrook

The new Zing Firetek Zeon Bow includes glowing arrows that stick to windows and can clear the height of a house. That glow helps you find them on the other side! $15 

Hasbro Super Bumblebee Jeffrey Westbrook

No parent will have to help transform Hasbro Super Bumblebee from robot to car; at last, it's easy enough for your child to do frustration-free, $50

 Smak-a-Ball Jeffrey Westbrook

Kids (and, okay, our staff members) got a little addicted to Smak-a-Ball. The hoops make catching and returning the blow-up ball easy, so your kid and her partner can get a good volley going, $24

Disney Playmation Marvel Avengers Starter Pack Jeffrey Westbrook

Disney Playmation Marvel Avengers Starter Pack has Ironman-inspired gear that relays missions. The wearer ducks and runs to battle the bad guy; Captain America's help is optional. Stay out of the way! $120

 Lakeshore Learning My First Weaving Loom Jeffrey Westbrook

Crafters can fairly quickly create scarves and headbands with minimal assistance from you, using Lakeshore Learning My First Weaving Loom, $30

PlayWheels Frozen Convertible Ice Skates Jeffrey Westbrook

These size-adjustable ice skates turn into in-line skates, featuring Elsa and Anna! Our 5- to 8-year-old testers could master PlayWheels Frozen Convertible Ice Skates, $50

GoldieBlox Craft-struction Box Jeffrey Westbrook

More pieces! That's what kids building their own contraptions need, and the new GoldieBlox Craft-struction Box delivers, $40

Mattel View-Master Jeffrey Westbrook

This year Mattel View-Master partners with Google and works with your phone to deliver stunning 3-D, 360-degree images that make kids feel like they're standing in a city or even in outer space, $30

Lego City Spaceport Jeffrey Westbrook

For children who love the challenge of a long blueprint, assembling the Lego City Spaceport has a cool payoff, $120

Crayola Color Alive Action Coloring Pages Jeffrey Westbrook

Download the free app for Crayola Color Alive Action Coloring Pages and your child's drawings leap off the page and move around your device's screen, even posing for selfies with your kid, $6

 American Girl Truly Me Jeffrey Westbrook

The vast new American Girl Truly Me collection of dolls and accessories allows more customization than ever; we appreciate this service-dog accessory kit that helps ensure everyone can be included, $115

Mattel Minecraft Stop-Motion Movie Creator Jeffrey Westbrook

Is your child hooked on Minecraft videos? He can create his own storyline, using Mattel Minecraft Stop-Motion Movie Creator and your own smartphone that takes still shots, streamed together with the free app, $33

 Klutz Finger Knitting Jeffrey Westbrook

It's all the DIY rage: Klutz Finger Knitting helps kids master this needle-free, take-anywhere craft skill, $22

Educational Insights Read My List! Game Jeffrey Westbrook

The fun of Educational Insights Read My List! Game is trying to remember a list or creatively adding to it. Bonus, say our testers: It's portable for trips! $40

 WowWee MiPosaur Jeffrey Westbrook

Tech-adorb-osaurus: WowWee MiPosaur works with an app, but it's not required; he'll follow his ball or owner too. Our testers begged to take him home! $120

Anki Overdrive Starter Kit. Jeffrey Westbrook

Race a friend or a virtual rival using the Anki Overdrive Starter Kit. Games start on the free app but take place on track, such as the piece above, designed by your kid, $150

 Yomega Kendama Pro Jeffrey Westbrook

Don't toss the Yomega Kendama Pro box; it lists eight variations of "catch" that we bet your child hasn't tried, making this ancient game new again, $20