Maybe it's finally time to clean out the attic.

Polly Pocket
Credit: enchanted_fairy/shutterstock

The next time someone tells you to purge your unneeded junk—don’t. As it turns out, kids of the 90s are kicking themselves for getting rid of their wildly popular Mattel’s Polly Pocket toys which are now worth big money! The toy line of dolls and accessories (whose name originates from their convenient, pocket-sized cases) could be worth over a thousand dollars depending on their condition!

Polly Pocket Mattel
Credit: Enchanted_Fairy/Shutterstock

For the small percentage of people who still have their childhood mementos and had no interest in opening the box, you may be inclined to a huge payout—one Mattel Polly Pocket car from 2008 is priced at over $10,000 on eBay in the UK!

Although Americans have less of an advantage when using UK's eBay, the prices here are beginning to spike as Polly Pocket owners grasp the value of their products. So far, Polly Pocket collectibles are being sold for upwards of $800 in the US.

As you may expect, the older and better condition the product is, the more it is worth. Here is a friendly tip: If you own a Polly Pocket from Bluebird Toys—the original seller of the item—you may be entitled to a small fortune.

If you are anything like us, all you have to show for your Polly Pocket years are the memories. Try not to beat yourself up over the fact that you could have profited big time over these toys. If anyone would have told a young me how much my Polly Pockets would be worth one day—as long as I didn’t play with them—that still wouldn't have stopped me from ripping open the box.